Like screen printing, there are a few different factors that determine the cost of an embroidery job.  The first step is to digitize the artwork file so that the embroidery machine can read the file.  We charge a one-time digitization fee for new artwork.  The digitized file also lets us know how many stitches are required to sew the logo onto the garment, the stitch count is another price determining factor.  The higher the stitch count the higher the price.
Another important thing to consider when deciding if your logo is appropriate for embroidery is the amount of detail involved.  Logos and artwork with more fine details will require a higher thread count and in turn, will be more costly.  Also, keep in mind that in some cases small text and other small details may not be legible or distinguishable when embroidered. 
Our team is very knowledgeable about what fabric types do best with embroidery, and our goal is to make sure that your final product appears professional, clean, and just how you want it.

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